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How to get in touch with iMusician?

You can ask any question you might have in our Community, via the "Support" section on our Portal.

If you are on our AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+ plan, you can contact us directly by filling in our Contact Form. 

1. From your Dashboard, open the Help Center by clicking on “Need help?":

2. Click on “Ask” at the top of the Help Center window

3. You will then have to fill in the different fields of the Contact Form. This gives our Artist and Label Relations team all the details needed to solve your issue. Click on “Next”, to write and send your message: 

4. You’ll receive a reply from our support team within 1-2 working days on average. You can check the current and previous conversations by clicking on “Previous Conversations”:

5. Click on one conversation to open it. You’ll see the thread and can answer by clicking on “Add reply”:

Please note: If you need to contact us in the future about another topic or another release, please do the process again.